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Life Without You

To My Love, Well, it’s difficult for me to fathom my life without you, but if I do, I believe it would be incomplete. I’d

sunrise, boat, rowing boat-1014712.jpg
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I was looking at my Mirror at the time of 3’O clock, my mind got blocked, i was shocked, I saw my shadow trying to

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An Untold Love Story

“Girl’s family will be here in 10minutes, Get ready Raghav “Maa said smilingly, leaving my room. I turned to mirror adjusting this peacock blue kurta

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Dear Diary

A glass of wine and a small cube of mozzarella cheese (am I being diet conscious, after aiming to finish the whole bottle? 𝘔𝘢𝘺𝘣𝘦 ),

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Explore, Discover and Write Amazing Micro-Fiction.

Discover India’s finest short story writers. Or become one yourself. SPI is a community of India’s finest micro-fiction writers.

An anthology is a compilation of stories written by various contributors. If you want to publish a compelling book in a short amount of time, compiling an anthology can be a fantastic solution. As the primary author, you reap all of the rewards of writing a book without having to write the entire manuscript.

Compile An Anthology

Quick to Produce

You can certainly write an entire book, though for most, that process can take time. If you’re anxious to get a book done quickly and you can round up a good number of contributors (which you can—keep reading!), you can compile an anthology in a matter of weeks.

Good Marketability

Each contributor to the book automatically becomes a marketing agent. Most will want to help spread the word by telling friends, family and colleagues about it. You can help this process along by providing contributors with a list of suggested ways to assist with promotion (announce it on their blog, sell through their website, post to social media, e-mail announcements, etc.).

Make an Impact

Anthologies are highly-readable because entries are usually brief. This makes them appealing to readers who want a quick way to engage in a subject. By bringing together contributions from various writers, you have the opportunity to share many perspectives and make an impact on the life of the reader. Books are powerful and a wonderful way to educate, affect change in readers’ lives and contribute to the world.


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The very idea of such a writer reader interface is superb thinking in itself. That too so professionally and meticulously planned and executed is praiseworthy. it's a pleasure to be a part of the SPI writer community.
Urmili Barman

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You can submit your write-ups on submission page, our editorial team check with 24 hours and if your write-up is selected by our editorial team then your write-up get featured. In Case if your write-up is not selected by our team you don’t have to worry, keep submitting your write-ups because we receive lots of write-ups on daily basis so this is not possible to feature every write-up.

If you want to be a select writer at SPI. You have to join the internship of 1 month. After that we we select some select writer for permanent. 

For zero investment anthology you have to select our zero investment package. 

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