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Siva Satya Sushmita Devulapalli

Sushmita is an educator by profession.She is native of Andhra Pradesh,living in Surat.She is passionate about writing.She writes poems,quotes,short stories and musings. She participates in online writing competitions and anthologies.

Aryasmita Dhir

Aryasmita Dhir is a literature student from Odisha, for whom writing is a medicine to her afflictions. She is an introvert and poetry empowers her heart. Biryani and books can tear off all her problems.

Vaishnavi Pimputkar

Humming Songs and Brewing Coffee are my favorite things. Inking My Feelings On Paper When emotions weigh me down gives me pleasure. Poems are my strong suit.

Cheshta Bhatia

I'm a final year master's student in biology. Writing is my passion and mostly everything I write is inspired from my personal experiences.

Divya Pyarani

Divya, a student from commence section. Writing is like an escape to her. She finds peace with her silent midnight voices.

Anmol Madan

I am Anmol Madan. Studying in SPM college , DU. Writing is my passion , in short ikigai of my life.

Kavita Kothari

I am Kavita kothari, 21 years old. Being a keen learner, I have an immense interest in speaking, writing,music,learning new things, poetries and art. I am a writer and poet by passion. I believe in the magic of words and I write what I feel. And I'd really describe myself as a person with a versatile skill set, a lot of integrity and a willingness to go the extra mile to achieve my targets.

Simran Chowdhury

This is Simran Chowdhury,currently living in Kolkata.She is a 17-year-old high schooler,studying commerce and pursuing her dreams. Writing has been always a mood changer for her. She writes about feelings that can’t be shared.Just a passion but it brings out peace to her.She writes her heart out to let her mind read it.

Kakul Chaudhary

I'm 23 year old girl studying Master's in Pharmacology and adding heart and soul to my poetries.

Shakshi Kumari

A CA aspirant, whose search for peace in this universe was completed as she confided in writing which has given her the best companions- Pen, Paper, and a calculator.

Priyoshi Kundu

This is Priyoshi and I am from Jamshedpur. I'm currently an arts student and hoping to craft something wonderful with the words that I put down on paper. I hope one day someone smiles or relates to the words, I weave together from my heart. Always seeking happiness from the moon, the stars, the poetries and the words.

Mehrin Ahmad

Mehrin Ahmad is a select writer at www.splitpoetry.com and co-authored several anthologies including five record holder anthologies(OMG BOOK OF RECORDS and VAJRA WORLD RECORDS).her write-ups are published in national magazine(Taare Zameen par),torch herd magazine and akara magazine.she is a blogger on various blogging platform such as medium,yourquote,storymirror,amar ujala and mirakee.winner of a competition alfaazon ka aashiyana organised by aryansh Arora(author of 3 solo books and 12 record holder in the field of literature) and also secured rank sixth in precious ink competition organised by storymirror.compiled three anthologies.graduated from patna women's college(Patna University), currently pursuing masters and resides in Patna,Bihar.fond of writing because its powerful and empowers her,helps to understand herself and her experiences.leaving a bit of sparkle everywhere she goes✨In a world of worries,be the warrior.

Aarohi Vaidya

I am Aarohi Vaidya, a bibliophile and a strong believer that miracles do occur, as magically in real life as on the big screen. A poet since past 7 years and an aspiring author, I dream of touching people's hearts while they see the Sun setting and kindle a hope for dawn in them.

Amena Saiyed

A select writer at SPI.

Simran Saxena

Heyy!! I am simran saxena currently pursuing BBA and love to write poems as they create an amazing aura all around.

Divya Drishti

I am Divya from Patna-Bihar and currently pursuing my B-Tech in Bangalore. A girl who loves saying her emotions though words and does poetry with love.


Anshika is a writer from LUCKNOW popularly called 'Nawabon Ka Sheher'. She is the Author of 2 Books "मोहब्बत का सफरनामा"💕 and "रूह-ए-ख़्वाबीदा"❤ She is 3 Times VAJRA WORLD RECORD HOLDER. She is a Singer by heart and Writer from mind and soul.She is a girl who rules million of hearts by her love poetries.

Nitika Sharma

Nitika Sharma is born and brought up in Shimla,India. She is an automation coder in an IT firm with a poetic mindset. She write micros,musings,poetry,fictions and blogs in two languages Hindi and English.She believes that writing poetry is something which comes to her from within effortlessly .She draw a drain to her emotions which is why her social media handler name is @unutteredemotions

Vaishnavi Chari

Vaishnavi is a committed writer, poetess and academician with a keen eye for fantasy imagery in her articles. Her mainstream is English while she believes to be a novice to Hindi/Urdu/Marathi literature. Hailing from Eastern Maharashtra, she's professionally a Microbiologist and passionately a scribbler chained in a dreamer. Her works mainly focus on the trials and tribulations of strained relationships or optimism and nature. She's an avid reader and in a simultaneous relationship with coffee and music. Though being associated with writing since grade two, her professional tryst with writing began in Summer 2020 and as of now, she has co-authored 30+ anthologies in multiple languages. Vaishnavi can be traced back on her Instagram handle @mi_anamika or in her journals weaving intricate story plots.

Dr. Nikita Maheshwari

I am a dentist and i write poetries mostly

Dr. Nikita, Maheshwari

Teesha Guliana

Low-key Potterhead. I write to soothe my nerves. Amateur 24/7. Pyjama fan. Sane most of the Times of the day;)

Manish Sahu

Hey Guys!! I am Manish Sahu from Chhattisgarh an amateur writer. I am 19 years old. I am currently pursuing my B.Tech in CSE from NIT. I have been writing poems and proses for about a year or so and am having a elegant page for my poems by @weaving_proses.

Muskan Kapoor

Muskan, 19. From UP, India. Optimistic and bold. A dedicated CSE aspirant, good vocalist and guitarist by passion and an avid writer by choice. A daydreamer who believes in fantasies, love, magic and hope and carries a huge obsession of imagining things eventually love penning it down.

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